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Our Vision

To become a national and regional centre of excellence in academic and professional training, curriculum development, research in education and related fields


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Our Mission

To pursue excellence in education and related areas by engaging in:

      teacher education;

      high quality innovative programmes;

   educational research of national and international significance;

    promotion of new ideas in professional practice and policy grounded in research and teaching expertise;

    consultancy and other support services to ensure quality of the educational system as a whole;

     curriculum development.


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Origin and


to provide facilities and to engage in educational research, curriculum development and teacher education and thereby to promote the advancement of learning and knowledge in the field of education and, in particular, to provide a teacher education responsive to the school, to the social, linguistic, administrative, scientific, agricultural and technological needs of Mauritius
MIE Act, 1973: 2


The Mauritius Institute of Education (MIE) was set up by an Act of the Legislative Assembly in 1973 as an institution dedicated to teacher education, research in education and curriculum development. Originally entrusted with training of the secondary teaching workforce, it has, since the early 1980s, catered for the training of all  pre- service primary school personnel.

In the 1990s, the MIE started programmes of study through distance education mode for the in-service personnel of the whole of the primary sector both  for teaching and  management levels. 

Today it provides a range of training programmes that extends from Certificates to B.Ed (in association with the University of Mauritius) and M.A. Education (in association with the University of Brighton, U.K.)Text Box: Back to Top
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MIE: Its uniquenes

"Not only has the MIE enabled thousands of  teachers to aspire to a better professional status, it has also done so by providing opportunities to all those who could not, or would not, leave the country for further education abroad.

The movement of Mauritians to foreign countries for further education would have cost the country heavily not only in terms of foreign exchange but also in terms of increased likelihood of brain drain... provision of opportunities for professional development locally is a significant salutary facility for secondary school leavers, especially women who have traditionally had less opportunity for studies abroad."

(Ambassador Dr. Olusegun Akinluyi, Commonwealth Abroad Service Project, in MIE The Way Forward, 2003)


The MIE was inaugurated by

Rt. Hon. Sir Sewoosagur Ramgoolam on 5 July, 1975

Prime Minister of Mauritius


Directors of MIE

1974- 1981: Frank Richard

1981-1997: Ramesh Ramdoyal

1997-2000: Preeaduth Chitamun

2000-2002 Prem Saddul

2002 to date Sheela Thancanamootoo (Acting)

Reduit, Mauritius


Tel:: (230) 454 1031-37/ 466 0228/ 466 1174

Fax: (230) 454 1037


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